Green&Healthy Home
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Click on certain sections of the illustration to learn green & healthy home tips.


Learn about compost, recycling, low flow faucets, high efficiency appliances, biodegradable cleaning products, etc.


Learn how to use your bathroom efficiently for a clean and healthy septic tank.


You're in this room a third of your day! Make sure it's a healthy space.


You can make several changes in your office to benefit your home.

Entertainment Room

Learn how to save on electricity costs.


Learn how to cut back costs on energy and water bills.


Proper care and storage of the garage is essential in keeping the whole home healthy.


Read several ways to make your commute greener.

Septic System

Learn the inner workings of a septic system and get tips for regular maintenance.

Rain Garden

Learn how to take advantage of rainfall and stormwater runoff.

Rain Barrel

Learn how to collect and store rain water to water your lawn or wash your car.

Make your home green and healthy with the help of EnvironmentErie!

As the Erie region’s one stop shop for environmental education and services, we are here to help make our community a healthier place to live. Whether you are interested in education, restoration of your local watershed or revitalization of your community, we are here to assist.

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